Feedback Post

If you've bought something from me, please leave feedback here or on my EGL feedback page. If you have any questions regarding your order, or if I've forgotten to leave feedback for you, please send me a message so I can help. Thanks!

My EGL feedback page is HERE

Shop Info

Lately I've been putting more effort into my accessory sales and maintaining my shop, so I'm going to use this post as a directory or sorts for anyone who stumbles onto my oft-neglected LJ.
First, commissions are open! You can go down a few entries for more info about how commissions work.

Link directory:

Royal Rabbit Shop: My shop, mostly gothic&lolita accessories.
Flickr: Check out my past work, and see if there are any older designs you'd like to commission. I am currently only taking commissions on headbows and headdresses.
Facebook: Updated whenever I add new items to my shop.
Tumblr: My personal Tumblr blog, also updated with sewing photos.


Commission Queue and Wait List

Since I'm getting some commission requests, I'm setting up a waiting list. I can take on up to 3 commissions simultaneously, but any more will go on a wait-list. I will then go down the wait-list in order as commission slots open up.

Time: Individual commissions typically take 2-4 days, unless I need to order special materials. You will be notified ahead of time if I need to order materials. Ordered materials usually take 2 weeks or less to arrive. You will also be notified in the event of any unforeseen delays.

Payment: For commissions I invoice for the cost of the item before I begin working. After the item is completed, I take photos of the item for the buyer, and after everything is approved, I send a second invoice for the shipping, and send the item.

Shipping: Shipping in the US for one bow is usually $5-$8. Heavier items must be shipped by Priority or higher (the cut-off for First Class is 13oz). Insurance can be added for a small extra fee.
International shipping is usually around $10-$15 for First Class (no tracking), but please ask for a quote. I can also ship by EMS (includes tracking) if you prefer, but the cost is quite high ($35-$40 or more).

Commission List: Orders that I am working on

Interest/Wait List: Will be added to queue as I complete other orders.
1. rainies

Completed Commissions:
1. tea_n_honey: Black Triple Illusion Headbow
2. five_sunsets: Black Triple Illusion Headbow, w/ all-black veil
3. bloodyegl: Black Triple Illusion Headbow